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Finances and flooding - what next? Chris Howard, Agbiz Assist explains the support available

December 15, 2022 The Victorian Farmers Federation Season 2 Episode 4
Victorian Farmers Federation Podcast
Finances and flooding - what next? Chris Howard, Agbiz Assist explains the support available
Show Notes

In this episode Tegan Buckley speaks with Chris Howard from Agbiz Assist as part of the Farming through the Wet Summer of 22/23 podcast series.

Chris joined Agbiz Assist in 2008 as a Rural Financial Counsellor and is currently the Acting Executive Officer. Agbiz Assist is a not-for-profit organisation delivering community services to farms and small businesses throughout Goulburn Valley and Northeast Victoria.

National RFC Network number is 1300 771 741

VFF Podcast Series – Farming through the wet summer of 22/23 is podcast series designed to support Victorian farmers with key pieces of information on flood support services and resources available to them as we navigate our way through this flood impacted and wet harvest season.

We understand the difficulties, challenges and very real impact that it has had on farmers and farming communities.

Loss of stock and crops, damage to infrastructure, restricted access to paddocks, feed and clean water, delays in harvest, downgraded crops, machinery bogging issues, waterborne disease issues, financial threats that a once promising season did not foresee.

These are stressful, challenging, unknown times and unfortunately a reality that many are facing at present.

We wanted to share with you listening today, many we imagine who are back in the paddock, or who are trying to get stuck into harvest season, so are now unable to make it to upcoming community info sessions, key points of information and support available, over the next four podcast episodes, to help in getting through the Wet Summer of 22/23.

From Agriculture Victoria

As flood waters recede in northern Victoria and move downstream along the Murray River, we are continuing to support farmers to respond to, and recover from the immediate, medium and longer-term impacts from floods.

Flood recovery meetings, events and webinars are being held across the state to support farming communities.
AgVic will continue to keep farmers up to date with the latest information via Facebook, Twitter and our website.

Farmers who need support can:
• Call 1800 226 226 and press 9 for an interpreter
• Email or
• Visit

Special mention to the National Centre for Farmer Health #BuildingFarmSpirit program, a brand new Flood response for Victorian Farmers, sharing information and support resources. Learn more: